Rich Caselli Memorial Ride Video

Rich Caselli, father of Kurt Caselli passed away July 1, 2008. There was a memorial ride on July 12th at the Gorman Motocross Track (I-5MX) in his honor. It was a wonderful day and spectacular celebration of the life of man who touched so many people. The turn out was huge and tons of friends, family, and industry people showed up for his final lap. The IGNITION3 crew was on hand and documented the event, check out this video.

YouTube – Rich Caselli Memorial Ride.

Kurt took his father’s bike on one final lap in his memory and was followed by a sea of riders. It was an emotional day for the Caselli family and many of Rich’s friends, but it made you realize how many lives he touched.

Rich was instrumental in putting together one of the best USA Trophy Teams for this year’s ISDE in Greece. Dubbed as the “Dream Team” the team consists of Kurt Caselli, Nathan Woods, Destry Abbott, Ricky Dietrich, Jimmy Jarrett and Nathan Kanney. Rich is sure to be looking down on the team as they show the world what they can do in Greece. Be sure to check back here for daily video updates of the team while they are in Greece.

Have any fond memories of Rich? Share them below in the comments. Or just say something nice. We will pick one person by random and send them a free copy of the ISDE 2007 Chile DVD, so be sure to include an email address or better yet register as a user and we will contact you that way. The deadline for the comments is August 25, 2008. Good luck.

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8 Responses to “Rich Caselli Memorial Ride Video”
  1. KTMrider says:

    Rich was a great man! He did so much for this sport and the Dream Team that he put together is gonna take that Trophy home.

  2. Neil Manninen says:

    I met the Rich, Nancy, Kilgore, and the rest of the ‘Desert Snails’ in the early ’70s. Then we used bagged lime or gypsum to mark courses. Logically their motto was ‘follow the slime’, instead of follow the lime. We had a good time and they joined the Prospectors. For almost 40 years he was a friend. None better.

  3. Raelene says:

    Dear Nancy, Kurt and Caroline

    Kurt and Caroline, you were just small children when we lived on Coventry Pl. The first time I ever saw Kurt was when he was about 4 yrs old, driving quite well a quad down the street and I remember being so impressed by how you handled it, knowing to slow and look at the corner, you were just a baby! Caroline, I remember when you also were out on the block, learning to drive, your pretty blond hair and you seemed so sweet.

    Nancy, I am so very sorry to hear about Rich’s passing. I just heard today and went on line to see this tribute. You have an amazing family. Rich always made Mike laugh. He was always working in the garage and ready to help with our bike rims or whatever.
    May God bless Rich and your entire family.
    Mike also sends his love.
    Our deepest regrets,

  4. Katie Smith says:

    Rich was an amazing man. It’s great to watch this video again to look back at the time that we lost one of the great personalities in ignition3.

    Katie Smith
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  5. Anne Cole says:

    Rich Caselli, may your soul be rest in peace. This is a cool memorial ride. There’s so many bike riders. His son could be a best rider.

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  6. Kate Jonston says:

    HI !

    Rich Caselli, may your soul be rest in peace…..
    “His morality is all sympathy, just what morality should be”………….

    Kate Jonston
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  7. Jennifer Hodgens says:

    My condolences to the family. It is really awesome and touching, losing the one you loved is really one of the painful things in life., but still you need to keep on moving on, and use it as an inspiration.

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    Kim About Body Issues, Butt, Cellulite

  8. Anne Kramer says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Rich Casseli. May you rest in peace with the Lord.

    Anne Kramer
    Author of Glass Blowing books

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