ISDE 2010 Day 6 Video

Day 6 of the 2010 ISDE Mexico was cancelled because of security concerns in the area. In the city of Morelia where the event was being held there was a shootout with police and drug gangs the night before Day 6. So the FIM and ISDE organizers decided to cancel the final motocross because there [...]

Destry’s Indianapolis Endurocross Race Story

Race Day:
We get two 5-minute practices and this was going to be my first time riding or racing the 2011 250f (see other notes). I knew I wasn’t going to get a lot of time to figure out the bike since it wasn’t mine, but I was going to make the best of it. I [...]

Day 6 Race Report

Day six turned out to be a tough one and at the same time a successful day for Team USA.
To start off, all riders were surprised by the length and difficulty of the course to the MX track.  The track was over an hour north east of Figueira da Foz by car so the back [...]

Red Bull Metallicross???

As night falls on Saturday, November 1, a sinister glow will emerge from the abandoned Pullman Train Depot as Red Bull Metallicross invades for a hybrid motocross competition in Atlanta, Ga. Within the warehouse’s graffiti-tagged brick walls and iron skeleton, a new event format will arise, giving the sport a gritty [...]

ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 6

After 5 days of grueling riding the final day consists of just a final motocross race. The organizers pulled out all the stops on this one. Thousands of locals showed up to watch the final motocross race. They even aired parts of it live on the local Chilean TV station. They group each category by [...]

Joe Bonnello Needs Your Help!!

Joe had two vertebraes in his neck fused from an old injury. Then, when he was shooting the X Games in San Diego, a screw backed out of the cage holding his neck together, punched a bunch of holes in his esophagus on the way down before lodging in his chest cavity. Bonnello had to [...]