ISDE 2012 Video – Jeff Freddette ready for 32nd Six Days

Jeff Fredette has more ISDE starts than anyone. This year will be his 32nd. He tells us what he sees coming up this week from Saxony Germany, as he finishes final preparations on this bike before tech inspection and impound.

ISDE 2011 Jeff Fredette in 31st Six Days

Jeff Fredette will be competing in 31st ISDE in Finland. Although his bags didn’t make it when he did Jeff is in good spirits and ready to add another ISDE to his extensive resume.

Jeff Fredette’s 30th ISDE Shirt

Jeff Fredette has been racing the International Six Days Enduro for long time…well 30 years to be exact. The 2010 ISDE in Mexico this year will be his 30th Six Days that he has raced in. Just like all the other riders that come to six days he has to pay his own way to [...]