Day 5 Daily Video Update – ISDE 2009

Day 5 is the final day of actual trail riding before the final motocross on Day 6. Even though the course for Day 5 was new it still was a challenge for the riders and a beating for their machines. At this point in the race its going to be hard for the US Team [...]

Day 5 Results

The USA World Trophy Team dropped a few positions on Day 5. Despite Kurt Caselli’s best efforts today and winning two special tests out right, the team finds themselves down in 7th position as they go into the final day. Finland has rebounded from the loss of Juha Salminen and they are now back up [...]

Day 5 Update

Its Day 5 and Kurt Caselli started things off great from Team USA and won the first special test of the day by beat Finland’s Samuli Aro by almost 3 seconds. You can see the Special Test 1 Results here. Caselli also had a few other good time in the tests today and won the [...]

Day 5 Map and Start List

Day 5 will be all new trail and the last full day of riding. This is an important day for Team USA if they want to move up in the rankings.

Day 5 Start List
Day 5 Time Schedule

ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 5

Its Day 5 and its the last full day of riding before the final motocross on Day 6. Today’s course is completely new and should give the riders a nice change of scenery.
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