The official results are now in and the US Trophy team is solidly in 3rd place with Spain in second, and Finland keeping their lead.


DAY 3 is almost finished and this new course has been a challenge for everyone. Eero Remes won special test 2,


Day 3 will be a completely new course with 3 time checks and 6 new special tests. The length is 239 KM [148 miles].

Day 3 Video: Nathan Woods

Its the half way point of the 2010 ISDE and our cameras caught up with Nathan Woods at the end of Day 3. Woods is racing in his 2nd ISDE event. His first one was Greece in 2008 and this year in Morelia, Mexico.

Day 3 Video: Taylor Robert

USA Junior Taylor Robert is doing well in his first six days. We caught up with him before the start of Day 3 to see how his first two days went.

Day 3 Daily Video Update – ISDE 2009

Day 3 Video highlights are here again and we are listening to your comments and trying to fit in what we can. I know some of you might be commenting that we are teasing you too much with the daily videos, but the whole point of these is to give you a taste of what [...]

Day 3 Results

The USA World Trophy, Junior Trophy and Women’s Cup Teams remain in the same position as last year. The US World Trophy Team is still in sixth position with good rides put in by the whole team.  Kurt Caselli is still the fastest American and is 4th overall in the E3 class and teammate Nate [...]

Day 3 Race Report

Today was a new course heading north out of Figueira da Foz, into an area that  included some rocky ravines and a special test on a mountain top.  Most of the tests were harder packed and not as sandy as the first 2 days.
The USA Junior trophy team started the day in third place and [...]

Day 3 Maps and Start List

Day 3 will be an all new course and heads to the north of town.

Start list has once again been reshuffled with the riders go out in order of overall individual rankings.
Day 3 Start List
Day 3 Time Schedule
The Day 2 Video is coming soon.

ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 3

Day 3 is the half way point of the race. Regardless of whether you were an optimist or a pessimist the race is half over.  Check out the video for some great action.
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