Coma Wins Dakar

With his second Dakar win in his sights, KTM factory rider Marc Coma coasted through the final stage of the first ever Dakar in South America to finish sixth and take victory in the race that has taken competitors through a major part of South America. Coma, from Spain, dominated the race that started on [...]

ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 6

After 5 days of grueling riding the final day consists of just a final motocross race. The organizers pulled out all the stops on this one. Thousands of locals showed up to watch the final motocross race. They even aired parts of it live on the local Chilean TV station. They group each category by [...]

ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 5

Its Day 5 and its the last full day of riding before the final motocross on Day 6. Today’s course is completely new and should give the riders a nice change of scenery.
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ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 4

Day 4 is in the books and many of the riders will be happy to never see some of the rocky section again.
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ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 3

Day 3 is the half way point of the race. Regardless of whether you were an optimist or a pessimist the race is half over.  Check out the video for some great action.
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ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 2

Day 2 is in the books and Kurt Caselli is out front setting a blistering pace.
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ISDE 2007 Daily Update – Day 1

A lot can happen on the first day of a race such as the International Six Days Enduro. Each rider has to be smart in order to finish such a grueling race. The key to success here is consistency and endurance, both mentally and physically. This race is a marathon rather than a sprint. Its [...]

ISDE 2007 Pre-Race

Sometimes referred to as the Olympics of Motorcycling, the ISDE usually has an opening ceremony. Team USA had one of the largest number of riders. This video has some footage from the opening ceremonies and interviews with a couple of the riders as they prepare for the race to begin. Watch this video and meet [...]

ISDE 2007 Tech Inspection

The International Six Days Enduro made its way to South America in 2007. La Serena, Chile will be the location the the 2007 event. The riders must have their bikes inspected before the race begins. Our cameras were there to catch some of the action that went down while the bikes were being inspected. [...]

ISDE 2007 Day 6 Video

The final day of the 2007 ISDE from La Serena, Chile. The IGNITION3 crew was on hand to supply some great footage from the event.
Just a reminder that the DVD is now available for purchase.

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