ISDE 2010 Day 6 Video

Day 6 of the 2010 ISDE Mexico was cancelled because of security concerns in the area. In the city of Morelia where the event was being held there was a shootout with police and drug gangs the night before Day 6. So the FIM and ISDE organizers decided to cancel the final motocross because there were safety concerns. The President of the 2010 ISDE Organization Committee, Luis Otero makes a statement to a crowd.


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4 Responses to “ISDE 2010 Day 6 Video”
  1. Fast Eddie says:

    What a shame, because the American team would have shined like no other. I’m glad everyone is okay though.

    Fast Eddie

  2. Nancy Caselli says:

    Yes, it is a shame. Our Trophy Team may have moved up to podium, we will never know. This ISDE should have an “*” by it for sure! Just hoping everyone gets home without any problems and had a good time while there.

  3. Dusty Volkel says:

    Stupid Drug Lords! What does dirt bikes have to do with drugs… nothing! Too bad. USA was coming back!


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