If you are wondering how they score this event, maybe we can shed some light on how they come up with the numbers. Here is a page from the actual timing and scoring that shows special test 7 on day 2. On the left are the special test scores, and on the right are the cumulative times for the first 31 riders in the event to the end of the second day.

Day 2 test 7 results on the left.  Cumulative time for the first 2 days on the right.  click on image to enlarge

Day 2 test 7 results on the left. Cumulative time for the first 2 days on the right. click on image to enlarge

There are 6 to 8 special tests a day and these are timed sections where the rider leaves at 15 second intervals and are precisely timed by the transponders on their bikes. This date is uploaded to the internet in real time. The fastest time gets “0″ points and everyone else gets a time score.

The trail to get to these special tests is also scored. At the start 3 riders leave per minute and must arrive at a check point before the special test at a specified time. If you are early you can wait until your minute comes up. Usually there is a service area just before the check point so riders can get gas and make repairs while waiting for the time to come up. If you are late checking in, but get time added to your score.

The riders need to do all their own maintenance on the bikes. Crews can hand them tools, but not touch the bike. A crew can add liquids to the bike like gas and coolant. At the end of each day the riders have 15 minutes from the last check point to entry to the Parc Ferme. During this time they go back to the main pit for their country and normally change both front and rear tires and whatever else is needed.

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