Day 6 Daily Video Update – ISDE 2009

Day 6 of the 2009 International Six Days Enduro ended as it always does with a final motocross. There are several motos in the morning with the club riders, but the big event is final moto with the fastest of the E1, E2 and E3 class. The Day 6 video is even more of a teaser than the rest, but we gotta leave everyone hanging a little bit because the 2009 ISDE DVD is going to be the best yet.


We will be giving one final 2008 DVD away and the rules are the same as before. Leave a comment below and we will randomly select one winner from the comments and notify you via email. Good Luck and thank to everyone who has been supporting our site!!

Be sure to check back often, this will be the first place that you will be able to buy the 2009 ISDE Portugal DVD. You will even be able to pre-order your DVD here to ensure that you are the first to have it.

UPDATE: The winner of the Greece DVD is Nils Davis, you will be contacted via email.

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22 Responses to “Day 6 Daily Video Update – ISDE 2009”
  1. posey says:

    That was truly a teaser, can’t wait till dvd…Thanks to you guys, without you I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the action. ISDE isn’t front page news in the US. I wish. Will you e-mail me when dvd is available. If Beau is ever riding the North-west I would love to join…

  2. Dennis Cassel says:

    Enjoyed the videos and daily updates. Thanks.

  3. Brent Hoak says:

    That was a little mean. Thank you for the great videos throughout the week.

  4. Peter says:

    Great work this week. Nice teaser with great music. One suggestion on the final version–don’t always have the music blaring. Sometimes it is nice just to hear the sounds of the bikes and spectators. Thanks again.

  5. Karl Hankins says:

    Awesome job! Can’t wait to have some buddies over to watch the ‘09 DVD. Thanks for all the video and updates guys. :-)

  6. EZ says:

    Thanks for all the updates! Great job TEAM USA, I can’t wait for the dvd to come out! : )

  7. smurf says:

    That was jacked!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, were going to buy the DVD anyway u couldn’t show us a little more of the moto!!!!

  8. Bryan says:

    Hey that is wrong in so many ways…. Thanks for the updates all week you guys r the bomb

  9. Great Event ! I can’t wait for the DVD

  10. Eddie Bright says:

    Now, talk about a teaser, ya, I know I’m to late for the drawing, but my home computer crashed and I had to take it apart to fix it. Besides, I haven’t been seeing who won anything since about Thursday. What up dude? Back to the teaser, this just makes it look like a series of movies that leaves you hanging at the end knowing that your going to have to see the next movie just to find out the ending of the last one…. TEASE! TEASE! TEASE!!!! Ya gotta love it. Matter of fact, you couldn’t have left us with a better snippit to make us buy the video… Count me in, I’ll sign up sometime this week. Oh yea, one more thing, I got my new AMA card in the mail yesterday, they moved me up to the A class in AMA enduros… Guess that means I’m going to be sending in my LOI again this year and try to make the team for Mexico… Wish me luck…
    Fast Eddie

  11. Chris Iler says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for the great coverage all week. It’s great to be able to follow the ISDE everyday.
    That last day is definitley a teaser. But thanks again for the coverage.

  12. Erik Bee says:

    Thank you for the videos all week! Can’t wait for the DVD!!! Cheers!

  13. Jack Davies says:

    Great start ! wish i was there

  14. big daddy "D" says:

    thanks 4 the stoken footage,live long ride hard,,,word…

  15. Ken V says:

    nice! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out.

  16. Roberto Corrales says:

    Just wanted to congratulate you guys for the excellent coverage of this event.
    I have been following all of them from Honduras.
    Keep up the good work and let me know when the ISDE 2009 DVD is ready.

  17. Amazing videos all week cant wait to get the Video . ( Day Six is CRUEL but cant wait for the DVD)

  18. harold r knox says:

    great coverage, i could hardly wait to see each day’s results. we newed to get more people/sponsors behind this effort!!

  19. José Mário says:

    Great videos !Awesome Job,Guys! The Six Days in my town were Brutal!

  20. Drew Chapman says:

    Nicely done gentalmen. Looks like should I say it again teeeease.

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