Day 5 Race Report

Day 5 was mostly a new course with one special test from the other days.  Kurt Caselli had a great day with a win in the very long first test which the fastest did in 8 minutes.  Kurt did it in 7:55 Destry Abbott did the test in 8:19 for 20th place.  Kurt was not done with that one victory,  he also won the last test of the day on the beach, and placed second in test 4 and third in test 2.  Kurt did not move up in the overall standings, and still remains at 7th overall but he had a pretty strong day. Caselli finished in 2nd for the day in the E3 class and 4th in E3 progressive.

Destry Abbott is running, a very respectable, 25 overall and 11th in the E3 class at the end of day 5.

Timmy Weigand crashed in one of his special tests.

Timmy Weigand crashed in one of his special tests.

Day 5 is one that Timmy Weigand would rather forget.  He was sick with food poisoning and got little sleep the night before.  He crashed in a special test and hit a tree root with this little finger.  The nail was torn off and he seems to have fractured his finger.  The Team USA medics were tending to him at the end of the day.  He had good times in the tests in spite of all of this.  He was in surprising high spirits and looking forward to day 5.

Damon Huffman also had a rough day.  The tendinitis in his forearms was really flaring up and the long sandy whoops sections today only aggravated the condition.  He was happy to finish the day and was seeking some relief the Team USA medics for the last day’s MX event.

The trophy team dropped to 7th place and has very little chance of moving up in the standings on Day 6.  The American are good MX riders, but the other countries are fast as well.

The junior team remains in 3rd place and are likely to stay there.  It would be difficult to gain on second place at this point.

Jamie Lanza is enjoying a terrific rookie ISDE ride.  His times are excellent and this 21 year old college student never seems to get tired.  Even at the end of a tough day he is grinning and upbeat.  If he wasn’t walking test before the event he was studying for his college courses.

Russell Bobbitt during the last "Beach" special test that was run at the end of Day-five.

Russell Bobbitt during the last "Beach" special test that was run at the end of Day-five.

Russell Bobbitt has lots of ISDE experience for a Junior rider.  He just seems to get faster all the time, and look extremely comfortable and fast in the conditions of Portugal, despite being from the east coast.

Maria Forsberg had one of her best days and put in some very good special test times.  She was second overall to Ludivine Puy of France for day 5. Lacy Jones is putting in a good ride and continues to show lots of heart with her determination.

Amanda Mastin had a very challenging day.  She started out by nursing a sore ankle.  Then early in the day at the start of a special test she realized that her rear tire was spinning on the rim because the mousse had gone bad.  If she accelerated hard the tire would spin.  She put some very large zip ties on the rim through the spokes and around the knobs in an attempt to hold the wheel place.  This worked a bit but slowed her down all day.  She finally had to take the time to remove the mousse and insert a normal tube.  This cost her quite a bit of time, but she was happy to finish and not hour out.  It is possible for the USA women to move into 3rd place with good moto times tomorrow.

One of Team USA's service checks.

One of Team USA's service checks.

Of the club team riders Jeff Fredette is still in good position for a silver medal in his 29th ISDE.  He has had no bike problems with the Kawasaki and is fanatically loyal to the brand that has brought him many of his medals.

Nick Fahringer is going very well on his Husaberg as is Rory Sullivan. Sullivan was 3rd on the day in the C3 class and is 3rd overall in the C3 class.

The riders look forward to day 6 today which is a short transit ride to the special MX test. The most demanding part of this day will be putting in a fast time at this final Motocross.  The motos are arranged  by class starting with the slower times.  For some riders a respectable finish is all that is important for others seconds will count.

Check out all of the Day 5 Results for more information.

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