DAY 4 UPDATE – Caselli tears up special tests!

Kurt Caselli is tearing up this new day 4 course with overall wins in Special tests 1, 3, and 5. He also placed 2nd in test 6 by .04 seconds behind Juha Salminen!

He was 3rd in test 2 and 8th in test 4. Seems like this course is to his liking.

Overall he is in 4th spot behind the 3 Fins, Remes,Salminen, and Tarkala, but the spread between 4th and 2nd is only one minute.

Kurt Caselli tears up special test.

Kurt Caselli tears up special test.

Final results for the day are not in, but with this performance there is a good chance the US will eat into Spain’s position ahead of them….stay tuned.

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