Day 2 is underway. The course is the same as day 1 with 300 KM [211 miles] of riding consisting of 2 laps with 4 special tests for a total of 8 special tests.


ISDE 2011 COURSE MAP DAYS 1 & 2 click on map to zoom

Eero Remes has the best time in test 1 with Juha Salminen in second. Kurt Caselli finishes 8th. In the next 2 tests Remes has problems and Salminen of Finland and Matthew Phillips of Australia set the best times. Remes sweeps the next two special tests.

Kurt Caselli finishes second to Remes in test 7.

The order in the overall after 7 of 8 tests:

1. Eero Remes FIN
2. Juha Salminen FIN
3. Kurt Caselli USA
4. Marko Tarkkalla FIN
5. Cristobal Guerro ESP
13. Russell Bobbitt USA
25. Destry Abbott USA

Kurt Caselli, USA Trophy Team nails a sandy special test.   [PHOTO: Steve Berkner]

Kurt Caselli, USA Trophy Team nails a sandy special test. PHOTO: Steve Berkner

In overall times, Kurt Caselli remains in 3rd spot behind Remes and Salminen.

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