Kurt Caselli day 4 special test.  PHOTO: Mark Kariya

Kurt Caselli day 4 special test

Mark Kariya aka “Kato” sent me this story:

Kurt Caselli passes through a clearing in the line of boulders that served as a deterrent to attacks from Russia to the east, along with a network of bunkers, trenches and firing positions.

He won three tests today, though he also lost four minutes while picking up a speeding ticket. Since the circumstances were a bit suspect (he wasn’t the only one cited, though no one from Finland in the group were ticketed), he later got those minutes back after the FIM Jury meeting.

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3 Responses to “CASELLI GETS SPEEDING TICKET – on his fastest day”
  1. JB says:

    I keep hearing about this speeding ticket business…Can anyone give some insight what this is? Is it really a citation for speed that the local law is giving out?

  2. N Caselli says:

    Ha, LOL about the ticket. In the ISDEs I attended with Kurt and his Dad I was amazed that a lot of the transfer sections (the route) are actually on city streets. The riders have to stop at signals, stop signs, etc. while following the course. That wouldn’t happen here in the US of A! Sometimes after being at a check point and then following the racers we would be at the same stop light, or they would pass us driving down the street; made it interesting! So, the speeding tickets are just that, except perhaps the police were trying to help their Fin team a bit too much!

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