The production team behind is IGNITION3 [formerly JAL Productions]. We are the first production company to bring the ISDE to TV and DVD in the US. We have been intrigued by this great event for years, and started producing documentary coverage of the ISDE in 2002 with the event held in the Czech Republic.

The core team at IGNITION3 has been involved in motorsports for years and we specialize in automotive and motorcycle projects. In addition to the ISDE work we were involved in a documentary on the setting of the Motorcycle Land Speed Record in 2006, NASCAR for video on demand, and other motorsports projects.

The principals in IGNITION3 are Dick Lague, Jeff Lague, and Jon Lague. Dick saw his first ISDE in 1973 and was hooked. Sons Jon and Jeff share the passion for the unique event.

Dick headed up the Petersen Motorcycle Magazine group for many years and has been involved motorsports marketing for too long to mention.

Jeff Lague has been shooting video since his high school days. He has worked for post production houses and at American Hondas video production facility. Jeff has a degree in film and television and a minor in computer science. Jeff does it all from shooting to editing to directing. He has been riding dirt bikes since he was 7.

Jon Lague is an accomplished still photographer a great video shooter and a talented editor. Jon studied communication and still photography and has worked at Pacific Title, Ripe TV, Octane TV and Havoc TV to name a few.

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